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Who is Control Technologies

We were the Prime Contractor and Integrator for Florida DOT SPaT Challange Project as well as other high profile projects in the USA. We are a group of 7 technology companies located around the US.  

We have been in business for over 38 years under the same ownership and have been involved in numerous projects including the first IVHS project in the US over 25 years ago. 

We continue to stay fluid as a company to meet the needs of our large customer base.

Why Choose Control Technologies

We are one of the few North American companies to complete a Connected Vehicle Project. We are focused on the traffic management systems market which is increasing due to better goverment focus on boosting safety as well as expanding the Smart City Initiatives along with rapid advancements in technology.

FDOT - CV Project

22 Signalized Intersections on US 90 in Tallahassee. Using Intelight 2070LDX Traffic Controllers with MAXTIME CV Firmware. 

This project uses, SPaT, MAP, and BSM currently with more features and functionality coming soon to this installation.


Our many thanks to the City of Tallahassee  and FDOT for the support during this project.

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